Furla and Longchamp Outlet: Quiet Success Stories

Jean Cassegrain, the chief executive of Longchamp, which was founded in 1948 in Paris by his grandfather.

LONDON — Over the past 12 months, as the global luxury market gained momentum and recouped some of the luster it had lost over a rocky few years, much was made of blockbuster companies that made impressive recoveries or unveiled new strategies. But while such Cinderella stories have been shaping the public narrative, there were a number of companies that didn’t have to wait for 2017 to post double-digit returns. In fact, they had what could be characterized as a very good downturn.

They just aren’t very sexy brands, so people weren’t paying attention.

European and privately owned, middle-market brands such as Furla and Longchamp Outlet have long operated under the fashion radar. Now, these fast-growing accessories houses are drawing increased scrutiny as rivals eye their expansion efforts and try to tease out the secrets of their success — and view them as possible acquisitions.

But, said Jean Cassegrain, chief executive of cheap Longchamp and a grandson of its founder: “We would never sell our brand. Our independence is what has allowed us to build Longchamp into the company it is today.” It recorded 553 million euros, or $642.5 million, in sales revenue in 2016.

Longchamp is primarily known for Le Pliage, a nylon tote bag that comes in myriad colors; the large size is $145 in the brand’s online store. (Retail analysts estimate that 11 bags are sold every minute.)

The label was founded in 1948 in Paris by Mr. Cassegrain’s grandfather, also named Jean, and is one of the few remaining luxury brands owned and operated by one family. Mr. Cassegrain’s father, Philippe, is chairman, and his mother, Michelle, led the brand’s European stores until her death in December. His sister Sophie Delafontaine is artistic director, while his brother Olivier is managing director of retail in the United States, and has been overseeing the construction of a 4,000-square-foot store on Fifth Avenue that is scheduled to open in the spring.

The business has more than 300 stores worldwide and last month opened a flagship in Tokyo (Japan is the brand’s third-largest market).

“As a family business we are able to really think long-term and invest heavily as and when we need to, without having to report every gain or loss or constantly give good news to the stock market,” Mr. Cassegrain said. “That is a luxury, and not one in this trading climate ever worth giving up.”

A report released by Bain & Co. last month suggested that the global luxury market had moved into recovery mode after several years of stagnation, largely driven by shoppers born after 1980. Still, department store brands continue to decline, buckling under the pressure of underperforming stores and the growing dominance of digital rivals and e-commerce platforms. Haute luxe players are faring better — Gucci has proved a case in point — though companies with a focus on prices at the lower end of the spectrum appear determined to cultivate growth through acquisitions.

Nowhere has this been better encapsulated than the competition brewing between the North American rivals Tapestry (known as Coach, the name of its primary leather goods company, until last month) and Michael Kors, both brands eager to transform themselves into leading multibrand forces in the global luxury field (and to placate anxious investors) with an expansive portfolio of labels catering to a broad range of bank balances.

Handbags from Furla, the 90-year-old Italian accessories brand controlled by the Furlanetto family.

One can only imagine what they think of Furla, the Italian accessories brand controlled by the Furlanetto family. It celebrated its 90th anniversary this year and, like Longchamp Outlet, has quietly and without fanfare continued to expand at a rate that makes it the envy of many rivals, doubling its turnover in the past three years.

After record revenue and profit in 2016, the company announced a sales surge of 23.5 percent in the first half of 2017, to €238 million, bolstered by store openings and strong travel retail sales. (Revenue growth in Asia in the same period was a noteworthy 63 percent.) Like Longchamp Outlet Online, Furla has focused heavily on developing its distribution network, operating its own stores where appropriate and avoiding the allure of discounting and outlets.

“Obviously we are being very strategic in how we expand, helped by having owners that give our vision their full backing, but much of this growth really does lie in the appeal of our product,” said Alberto Camerlengo, who was appointed chief executive this year after six years as Furla’s general manager.

Recently the brand, known largely for its replica handbags (the medium Metropolis tote, for example, is $448 in the Furla online store), has added footwear, scarves and watches to its collections. “We see new product, done well, as a way of sharpening shoppers’ perception of our brand, rather than weakening it,” Mr. Camerlengo said.

Unlike Coach and Michael Kors, neither of which place much stock in the importance of manufacturing provenance, the “Made in Italy” label remains at the core of the Furla philosophy, helping to enhance its aura of exclusivity.

“I think the power of heritage can be underestimated,” Mr. Camerlengo said. “Especially in new markets, the fact that we are proudly Italian continues to hold great appeal.”

Mr. Cassegrain of Longchamp agreed. The vast majority of its goods are made in the company factory in the Loire Valley of France, something he says means a lot to foreign customers. (He cited sales growth of 50 percent in China last year).

“We pride ourselves in our roots and where we come from, but we aren’t cold and aloof like other rivals,” he said with a grin. “We show that European brands can offer something warm and joyful, yet practical, too. Chic and casual cross-generational and cross-purpose replica bags are a status symbol that anyone can get on board with, even if to some it appears a bit old-fashioned.”

Although the brand recently has started to branch into higher-priced leather goods and ready-to-wear, Mr. Cassegrain stressed that its core ethos — pricing predominantly based on manufacturing costs rather than marketing aspirations — would not be changed anytime soon.

Mr. Camerlengo of Furla said, “Luxury is still very tribal, wherever you operate and whoever you appeal to.

“But in an ever more complicated world, people want to be more specific and individual in the message they send when they use your product,” he said. “It is about showing you have the right attitude. We believe that our family values have kept us firmly on the right track.”

Cheap Longchamp bags sales rise in the UK

Looking good: Bag maker Longchamp, which has a Regent Street branch, has seen sales jump in the UK Jeremy Selwyn

French luxury bag maker cheap Longchamp has fought off rivals in London to post a UK sales surge, it emerged on Friday.

The accessories firm, which counts the Duchess of Cambridge and baking guru Mary Berry as fans, said performance in Britain was “good” in 2017. It boosted turnover to £15.1 million from £8.7 million in 2016, new accounts show.

The firm also increased staff numbers to 76 from 51.

Growth came “despite the economic crisis and increased competition,” it said.

The update contrasts with some retailers’ recent warnings of weak consumer confidence and fewer customers.

The luxury replica handbags brand has a number of concessions and three stand-alone outlet stores, including on Regent Street and at Westfield London. It warned of big rents in the capital and said that high fixed costs could lead to stores becoming loss-making.

The firm, owned by the founding Cassegrain family, saw pre-tax profits rise to £812,291 from £405,732.

Replica Longchamp Sophie Delafontaine: ‘Female designers work for women with shape’


Born into the cheap Longchamp fortune, Sofie Delafontaine is anything but an entitled heiress. On her first visit to India to launch their flagship store in Mumbai, the brand’s artistic director reveals exactly why we need more women making the big decisions.

ELLE: This is a brand you were literally born into. What was it like growing up?

Sophie Delafontaine: We’re a family of workaholics. Watching my parents and grandparents gave me a sense of their work ethic and patience early on. We trust each other because we have the same values and ambitions.

ELLE: Was it always understood that you would have to work your way up?

SD: My mother, both grandmothers, even my great-grandmother all worked at a time when it was uncommon for women from good families to do anything other than be housewives and take care of the family. For me, having a career came naturally. I have three kids and it’s important for them to have a mother who is self-confident and happy to achieve things.

ELLE: How has the way women approach dressing changed since you entered fashion?

SD: Twenty years ago, bags were functional. In Europe, women had a black bag for winter, and a navy blue or beige one for summer. Different countries had different tastes: German women liked big bags with long straps, Japanese women wanted tiny replica handbags. But today, I am not speaking to one nationality, but to the spirit of the woman: she is confident and multifaceted, and constantly multitasking. So, the product needs to follow her life.

ELLE: Tell us about the legendary style of the Parisian woman. What can the world learn from her approach to fashion?

SD: [Laughs] I am Parisian, but I don’t really think we are special. But if I compare us with women in the US or UK, I would say that we appreciate fashion in a more discreet way. In other countries, they will have a total look, a focus on brand logos. Maybe the effect of this discretion is that Parisian women seem naturally elegant, even though there is a lot of hard work behind it.

ELLE: It’s also that, like Indians, the French respect the process of ageing.


SD: Yes, I think that every age is beautiful. Every wrinkle is a part of my life, and I am not unhappy to be who I am today. This is the type of woman I am trying to reach—the kind who is confident enough to feel comfortable in her life.

ELLE: For many years, male designers dominated fashion, even though the industry is geared towards selling to women. Now that there are more women in positions of power, do you feel it has impacted the business?

SD: Male designers are very creative—if we are speaking of Karl Lagerfeld, Christian Dior, Cristóbal Balenciaga—but their perception of the woman is really the myth of the woman. Female designers really work more for women with shape, not just some tall, thin girl. We want to move, work, be able to drive a car. Sometimes, you have a collection where you can’t even move; the replica shoes are beautiful but difficult to walk in. Every pair of shoes I design, I try them myself. If I cannot walk in them, they’re discarded. There’s nothing worse than wearing 10- or 12-centimetre heels and being unable to walk.

There’s a Reason this Travel replica Bag Has Sold 20 Million Pieces Worldwide

longchamp handbags

The Longchamp outlet Le Pliage gets a bad rap for being “basic,” a term ascribed to the preferences of women who like to play it safe. In that case, almost every woman reading this could be described as “basic” because have you tried toting this bag around? It’s amazing. It’s rain-proof, scratch-proof, and carry five heavy bottles of champagne if you need it to, all while being light, packable, and low-maintenance.

Now, what seems to be the entire universe’s go-to travel-slash-work-slash-shopping buddy has officially landed on Philippine shores, thanks to the opening of Longchamp’s first exclusive stand-alone boutique in the country. That’s right, you heard me: you can now get first dibs at the replica Longchamp Le Pliage in all its colorful, leathery, and utilitarian glory,  along with the rest of the complete seasonal collection for women’s replica handbags, without having to make pabili any longer. (@TitasofManila, rejoice!)

10K Filipinos may be affected by rescinded US immigration policy—DFAAn estimated 10,000 Filipinos may be affected by the United States’ new immigration policy, the Department of Foreign Affairs said on Wednesday

At the boutique’s opening yesterday, we got to steal a few minutes with cheap Longchamp General Manager for Asia and Pacific François-Xavier Severin to know more about the Pliage’s enduring popularity, the new collection, plus his thoughts on Filipina fashion.

Longchamp outlet uk has long been a mainstay in the Philippine market, what made you decide to open a stand-alone boutique just now?

If we could have done it earlier, we would have done it. We were waiting for the right opportunity and right location availability—which definitely wasn’t easy. We actually like this (location) because as we can see, it’s really in the main traffic flow. The country has a very nice economy, which was also very important for us. We think that the Philippine people really have an appetite for the industry; this is the right opportunity we’ve been waiting for, and it’s been great.

The Longchamp flagship store in Hong Kong has the brand’s complete line, including the clothes and shoes. When do you think all that will arrive in the Philippines?

It’s a question that many people have been asking us for the past two days. We have a bit of a size issue—we could have sold well, but we would have needed a bigger space.  The store is only 60 square meters and we have to make some choices.  So we decided that with this space, we would only propose the woman’s cheap handbags and accessories, but at least most of those collections.

Personally, I’m very confident about introducing the ready-to-wear collection. We just opened up the store, so we want to be right with the customer and understand whether they are familiar with the ready-to-wear, if it is something that will be interesting to them in the future. I hope in one, or even in a few years, we can come back for the opening of a new store, bigger with all the new products in all categories. We can see that the Filipino people really like to dress, they really like to do make-up, they really like the trendy and luxury accessories, so there is no reason why the ready-to-wear will not be accepted here.

Given the Pliage’s popularity, what are you doing to fight the counterfeit industry that has risen because of it?

We’re actually doing a lot of things because of course we have a lot of counterfeit products. In a way, it comes because of the popularity, so we can also see it in a positive way, to see that we are okay. But it is a huge business; (counterfeit) is a huge market, and we have a department that is totally dedicated to (monitoring piracy). I can tell you they are busy 8 o’clock in the morning to very late everyday!

The Pliage is undoubtedly one of your most popular styles. It’s one of those designs that is so ridiculous because everyone has one. What is its enduring appeal that makes people continue to buy it?

The Pliage nylon is a phenomenal success as we have sold an estimation of more than 20 million pieces since its launch. It is still a very, very popular item. So why do people still buy it? Every season we propose new seasonal and unique colors, which remain in the spirit and the theme of the collection. We still also sell classic common-known colors as well.

But what is interesting is that we launched the Pliage Cuir last year, which is what you have there and is what the models are wearing. The Pliage leather is quite popular—it is going by very fast. You have people who were customers for the Pliage nylon switching to the Pliage leather. I think it is a different bag, but why is it a very nice evolution? The Pliage leather comes with a strap that you can carry cross-body, which is a bit more of a cooler profile.

Last but not least, we have the new Pliage heritage. It is much more structured, modern, fashionable. It has the details and shape of the Pliage nylon, but in a very rigid light.

How many Pliage bags do you produce in a day?

Well, it takes less than 15 minutes (to assemble one Pliage). We still own the largest leather manufacturer in France and we openly invite people to see the way we manufacture our product. They like very much to go see the Pliage nylon because we have to produce it very fast, making sure that the quality is always there and that every single bag is perfect. So one of these days, you could come over and see what’s (happens) behind, and you will see that it takes a lot of a experience and expertise.

Can you tell us a little bit about the bag’s history?

Philippe Cassegrain, a second generation member of Longchamp’s founding family, designed the bag. I would say he was a very practical person—practical but chic—and he was traveling a lot. And always in his mind was to find a way to provide a chic, large, practical, and very functional bag.

Inspired by the Japanese origami, (the bag) is all about the foldable concept. The only way to keep it very light and sophisticated was to mix very nice leather—the Russian leather we use for the flap—and the nylon, which is very easy, solid, resistant, but also still light and foldable. That was 20 years ago, and it has since become a very fast and very wide success.

The good thing about the bag is that it’s really accepted by a very wide diversity of women: from schoolgirl to the very high-end luxury woman.  We have many customers from Chanel and Hermes; they are also very pleased with our Longchamp bag. As one could say, “You can find in an airline, in an economy class, business class, and in first class,” which is very true—we’ve been here for 20 years, and see how successful the Pliage still is.

Do you also use the Pliage when you travel as well?

I have the Pliage leather in dark brown.

Men’s fake handbags are a growing category. Why didn’t you introduce a few men’s replica handbags as well?

Again, it’s really because of the space issue. We do have the full men’s bags travel line but we do need space, and we just don’t want to have them lost in a women’s environment. We had to make some compromise.

As I said, the market is ready and the customers are here, there is no doubt about it. It’s more of a matter of having the right place.

Replica Longchamp Goes Back to Its Roots With Masculine Focus

Whoever said replica Longchamp was a women’s brand? The Parisian label, founded in 1948, is putting a greater focus on its masculine roots and has set the opening of its first men’s store for October this year, right opposite its flagship on Rue Saint-Honoré.

“The house of cheap Longchamp started in a masculine universe,” creative director Sophie Delafontaine, granddaughter of the label’s founder Jean Cassegrain, explained at the brand’s first men’s presentation on Thursday.

“It was originally a tobacconist, and my grandfather started working with leather by making leather-clad pipes before developing a range of goods around the smoking world, then desk items and men’s leather goods. Luggage came next in the late Sixties and early Seventies, and the first women’s bag only launched at the end of the Seventies,” Delafontaine said. “From then on, the women’s business became the focus.

A look from Longchamp's spring 2017 men's collection

“We really wanted to put the focus back on men,” she continued. “We have been reworking the men’s collections for the past few seasons.” The brand has also been working on dedicating spaces to men’s lines in its boutiques around the world, said Delafontaine.

The spring 2017 collection for men includes two new lines, a minimalist range in smooth calfskin and another in grained taurillon leather. More sporty items include a backpack made from Kudu antelope suede and updated canvas designs with pops of color, one of the house’s signatures in its women’s collections.

“We’ve added lots of color, which was less the case in the men’s designs before, to add a touch of fantasy,” Delafontaine said.

There will also be an exclusive line for the new men’s boutique inspired by Delafontaine’s grandfather’s designs from the Seventies.

Longchamp’s Paris flagship is undergoing renovations and will reopen in August in an expanded space of nearly 6,000 square feet, up from 2,700. It will include a whole floor for the brand’s ready-to-wear and footwear lines.

Across the road, more than 2,000 square feet will be dedicated to men’s collections, with an offer including gloves, scarves, belts and men’s shoes, which the brand is introducing this fall, as well as its broader leather goods offer.

Kate Middleton’s Love of replica Longchamp Tote Bags Basically Makes Her the Most Relatable Royal Ever

Let’s be real for a second and acknowledge that 99 percent of Kate Middleton’s royal wardrobe is pretty inaccessible to us normal people. She is, after all, a princess with a princess’s budget! But, surprisingly, one of the Duchess’ favorite accessories has been (and will likely always be) a replica Longchamp handbags tote bag which, frankly, is a bit more affordable for the masses. In fact, you could probably run out right now and buy the same one Kate has!

MORE: Kate Middleton Is Rushed to the Hospital, World Freaks out and Thinks She’s Pregnant

Kate’s obsession with the colorful, nylon, Longchamp outlet Le Pilage totes — which retail for $145 — goes back several years. In fact, one of the earliest times she was photographed carrying one was back in November 2005 during a holiday shopping spree with her mother, Carole Middleton, in London. At the time, Kate was just a 23-year-old, recent college graduate lugging around all her crap in a giant, black tote bag like the rest of us. Relatable, right?

Fast forward a few years and Kate (of course) married Prince William, became the Duchess of Cambridge, and had two beautiful (seriously, b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l) children. Since becoming an official royal, Kate has sadly stopped using a fake Longchamp bag day-to-day to instead carry teeny, tiny clutches instead. We really can’t blame her because what does she really need to carry with her at this point? She has people for that, duh. But, just when you thought Kate’s obsession with the chic tote bags stopped in the mid-2000s, it definitely didn’t…

Though the Duchess herself hasn’t been spotted carrying a Longchamp outlet uk in several years, her personal assistants and stylists still seemingly lug around Kate’s belongings in the classic bags. Crazy, right? When Kate and William touched down in Assam, India during their royal tour of India and Bhutan in April 2016, the mom-of-two’s personal secretary Sophie Agnew and stylist Natasha Archer were both photographed carrying fake Longchamp totes with the rest of Kate’s luggage.


While we don’t actually know if the large, dark purple tote or the smaller, pea green bag in the pics belonged to Kate, if her right-hand women carry replica Longchamps too they must be pretty fashionable, right? We’re hopeful Kate still loves the bags as much as the rest of the world seems to because, honestly, it just makes us love her a little bit more.

Suzy Menkes: Optimistic Luxury? It’s In The Replica Bag

As I started packing for the New York shows, there was a lot of folding to do. It was not about inserting tissue paper and wrapping my clothes in dry-cleaner’s plastic. I don’t use a travel-iron wardrobe for the collections.

The wrap-ups were for my colourful replica Longchamp Le Pliage folding bags in their various sizes: the big one in case I went on a buying spree in America or if books and press handouts were so heavy that I needed an extra check-in bag to get home.
longchamp outlet

The smaller ones in bright colours were not so much to go with my clothes (although I am partial to purple, wine-red and turquoise). It is rather because I must know in a micro-second which bag I am grabbing each morning: the one with my laptop? With my snow shoes? Or with the iPad plus invitations? Luckily, there are 150 colours to choose from.

The actual travel bag is more of a drama. It has to fit inside the wheelie bag for check-in. But once I store it on the plane rack, everyone has the same bag.

Longchamp outlet was founded in 1948. Since 1993, when the Le Pliage was designed, 30 million of the bags have been sold. So what happens if some other customer walks off with mine? I guess it will have to be the special-edition Jeremy Scott madcap version that will make my bag almost unique. Or the one designed by Mary Katrantzou. (I missed out on the work of British artist Tracey Emin.)

How does it feel to be replica Longchamp, a compact family business with founder Jean Cassegrain’s son Philippe as president and daughter Sophie Delafontaine as artistic director of bags, clothes and shoes? And to have other family members running the show at the factory in the French countryside, while the rest of the cousinhood helps with more than 280 stores worldwide?
replica longchamp

This description sounds more cheerful than ‘affordable’ luxury, although the Le Pliage regular-sized nylon bags cost £54 and seem to be on sale at every airport, where they are omnipresent in traveller’s hands or as super-light backpacks.

The Le Pliage has now reached the grand age of 21, with the ever-young and always cheeky Kate Moss as ambassador. And, in either nylon or the version created in softly pliable leather in 2012, it is a worldwide hit with celebrities and has a special appeal to the far east, judging by the customers. In the expansive new Champs Elysées store set on two floors, they were admiring the ‘Cloud Illusions’ art by Danish artist Astrid Krogh and looking at museum pieces of pipes and cigarette cases from the days when Elvis Presley would buy them in the Seventies.

Origami – the art of folding – originally came from Japan. But I watched mostly Chinese customers taking their selfies, sitting on the elongated sofa by quirky architect Thomas Heatherwick with a picture-postcard view over the famous avenue – and a wall of colourful folding bags like an art installation in front of them.
cheap longchamp

I sat down with the grandson of the fake Longchamp founder, also named Jean Cassegrain, who is the current CEO. His father, Philippe, first invented the Le Pliage foldable bag to find out how you turn nylon and leather into gold.

‘There are so many bags everywhere – to be exceptional, I am in love with savoir faire and quality,’ said the chief executive, whose company employs 2,700 people worldwide.

what’s the replica longchamp through the road

longchamp outlet
Flanked by the top model Coco Rocha, and watched by fashion’s glitterati and a crowd of paparazzi, Jean Cassegrain cut the ribbon to unveil his family’s new emporium.

Replica Longchamp, the French handbag maker, is in good company. Gold logos from the world’s most glamorous and expensive brands – Fendi, Prada and Gucci – glisten opposite. Burberry’s black edifice stands defiantly down the street and Louis Vuitton is close by.

With neighbours like that, it’s no wonder that Mr Cassegrain needed to go some to stand out. Hence the champagne-tinted steel, golden inlays between croisillon-patterned glass and engraved limestone walls.

The street in question is Hong Kong’s Canton Road, the fourth-most expensive street in the world and a bigger, brasher version of Paris’s Avenue Montaigne or the Champs-élysées. If you’re big in bling, you have to be here. Asia’s appetite for luxury goods has been enormous in the past decade. But as cheap Longchamp opens for business, is the industry heading for a slowdown?

Mr Cassegrain appears unconcerned by the economic headwinds. His firm has been around long enough to deal with swings in trading.

Decades before its Kowloon debut, Longchamp started out making smoking pipes in 1948.

“It’s great timing for us to grab the opportunities in China as some of our competitors may shy away from expanding when the economy slows down,” he said. “But we believe China will continue to grow fast and we are not seeing any signs of a slowdown.”

Today, Longchamp’s signature product is a replica handbag seen on the arms of hundreds of women everywhere from London to Sao Paulo and Singapore. Its Le Pliage foldable replica handbags launched in 1993 and the company still sells three million of them every year, helping to explain a recent 22 per cent growth in group sales.

Decades before its Kowloon debut, Longchamp started out making smoking pipes in 1948.

“It’s great timing for us to grab the opportunities in China as some of our competitors may shy away from expanding when the economy slows down,” he said. “But we believe China will continue to grow fast and we are not seeing any signs of a slowdown.”

Today, Longchamp’s signature product is a handbag seen on the arms of hundreds of women everywhere from London to Sao Paulo and Singapore. Its Le Pliage foldable cheap longchamp handbags launched in 1993 and the company still sells three million of them every year, helping to explain a recent 22 per cent growth in group sales.

Despite its products being a common sight among the masses, Longchamp claims it isn’t out of place among Hong Kong’s “who’s who” of top luxury names. When the firm opened its very first shop, the family picked Hong Kong as the location, even over its home town of Paris.

Back then, in 1979, Mr Cassegrain’s father, Philippe, currently the brand’s president, travelled by boat to work with a local agent and built up accounts for the brand that was founded by Philippe’s father, also called Jean, 64 years ago.

Jean started out making leather coverings for pipes in his family’s tobacco business. He took the name Longchamp and the galloping horse logo from the Paris race track that was close to his home.

Donate designer replica bags at Style Loop for upcoming College Now Bag Lady Luncheon fundraiser (photos)

replica longchamp
Do you have a few quality replica bags collecting dust in your closet? They might just help a student get to college. The Style Loop, an upscale consignment boutique in Rocky River, is holding a replica handbag collection event on Saturday, Aug. 12. The donated bags will become auction items at the Bag Lady Luncheon held by College Now Greater Cleveland on Oct. 6.

The Bag Lady Luncheon began in 2013 and raised over $160,000 that year. Since then, the biannual event has doubled in all aspects, from the amount of auction items, attendance and proceeds. In 2015, the luncheon raised $360,000. The proceeds benefit College Now’s scholarship and retention services, including the College Now Mentoring Program, which began in 2011 as an effort to increase college completion rates among College Now scholarship recipients from 60 to 80 percent.

Organizers are hoping for 500 items for the October event, and they’ve been collecting them since the last event in 2015. They seek excellent quality designer replica handbags and accessories, including wallets, small leather goods and men’s items — and if you have items like a Hermes scarf, a Gucci belt or a Chanel necklace, they will accept those as well. They cannot accept knockoff items.

As for designers, they’re looking for pieces from brands such as, but not limited to, Alexander McQueen, Aimee Kastenberg, 3.1 Philip Lim, Akris, MZ Wallace, AllSaints, Brahmin, Burberry, Chanel, Coach, Chloe, Dolce & Gabbana, Dooney & Bourke, Jerome Dreyfuss, Hermes, Kate Spade, Longchamp outlet, Loewe, Stella McCartney, Tod’s, Lanvin, Marc Jacobs, Zac Posen, Versace, Valentino, Louis Vuitton, Tory Burch, Givenchy, Frye, Milly, Ferragamo, Skagen, Rag & Bone, Fendi and more.

The Bag Lady Luncheon is the major fundraising event for College Now Greater Cleveland, formerly called Cleveland Scholarship Programs, which was founded in 1966 to empower and assist students seeking further education.

The luncheon is nearly sold out, with only about 30 tickets remaining. Tickets are $250 each. The Oct. 6 event will be held at the Cleveland Convention Center from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. The guest speaker is Dee Haslam an owner of the Cleveland Browns. Bags are sold via silent auction at the event.

As for this Saturdays’ event at The Style Loop, festivities go from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at 19348 Detroit Road (Beachcliff Market Square) in Rocky River. Donate items or come to shop, snack on treats and enter the raffle for beautiful gifts. The Style Loop is full of designer items from brands like Gucci and Chanel, fine jewelry and great boutique chic clothing and shoes. They will be donating 20 percent of the day’s sales to College Now Greater Cleveland.

If you can’t get to The Style Loop, you can donate your high-quality bags and accessories at the next Bag lady Luncheon collection event, at the Eileen Fisher store at Eton Chagrin Boulevard on Aug. 18. They will also be donating 10 percent of the day’s proceeds to College Now.

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