Alexa Chung portrait in 2016 Longchamp outlet spring advertising blockbuster

By Peter Lindbergh Palm mirror filming, Miss Zhong (Alexa Chung) Qingqing starred in the spring of 2016 Longchamp outlet opened a large advertising campaign.

Longchamp outlet

Alexa Chung and Peter Lindbergh were joined by Longchamp for the first time. This is Longchamp hand Miss Zhong’s fifth large-scale advertising shoot, show Longchamp lasting fashion charm. Fashion icons and master photographers cooperation, which is part of Paris, this city has a timeless and beautiful fashion collision and the perfect encounter.

This season, Mr. Lingdbergh for Longchamp shooting advertising blockbusters, not only to capture Miss Chung exudes a natural fresh and elegant temperament, but also the fashion of Longchamp emotional and visual experience to a new level. In Paris, the Royal Palace (Palais Royal) under the arcade, Miss Zhong dressed in Longchamp outlet uk latest clothing line – sand gray lambskin Slim windbreaker, with Longchamp season red pottery Pénélope series package models, show typical Paris elegant style.