Here’s How To Enjoy Luxury outlet longcham bags In UK — For Less

Our generation’s unbridled enthusiasm for the high-end is tangible and clear. Once seen as status symbols, Singaporeans are now decked up to the likes of Tinsel town inhabitants, with thousand dollar bags a dime a dozen. Telling Gucci from Givenchy is well-acquired knowledge by both the young and old.

A quick look makes case in point. Teenagers are touting Longchamp bags as if they are given out free on the road. Ladies spend their spare time chatting about the Chanel flap bag version 1, 2, 3. The guys typically obsess over watches — the bigger the better.

Reebonz is surely no stranger to the e-commerce industry, and it does a pretty acceptable job in satiating any hankering for extravagance.


Born in 2009, Reebonz offers a wide variety of new and pre-owned luxury bags at discounted rates — typically 30 to 40 percent off. Special events can see items going for up to 80 to 90 percent off, and are usually held both online and at their brick-and-mortar store — Reebonz Space — located at Raffles Place.

As a loyal follower of Reebonz, I’ve witnessed some pretty awesome steals on their site. Take for example this year’s March blowout sale — items were marked down to a flat 70% off. Can you imagine Yves Saint Laurent replica bags going for less than S$500?!

Prices for these bags usually start at around US$1890. (Image Credit:
Needless to say, shopping during such massive cuts is the ultimate game of fastest fingers first. Make sure you refresh the product page every few seconds because visitors of the site are constantly removing and/or carting out items. So the product you thought was sold out could be in stock again within the next few minutes, and vice versa.


Alternatively, participate in sale events at their physical store. But do be prepared to fight with hordes of territorial females and OLs (Office Ladies) equipped with (literally) killer heels. You can read about a buyers’ first hand account at the store during a sale last June.

Lastly, it is advisable to subscribe to their mailer and/or ‘like’ their Facebook page to get any additional discount codes.

Singapore has a host of replica bag rental services such as SGBagrental, Bagsnoenough, or Bagborroworsteal to fuel that inner chi chi lust. Sites typically offer their longcham bags at per week or per month rental prices. This option is also great for those looking to test a particular longchamp bag model out first, before committing to a purchase.


So if you are like me, then your heaven on Earth is probably…Carousell. This nifty mobile application provides a platform that allows users to post their used bags for sale, and buyers to make corresponding bids and deals. And one of the categories prominently featured is Luxury.

I can spend hours on end just scrolling through the huge selection of bags outlet. What I especially appreciate about the platform is that it gives me the ability to find items that tend to be sold out in stores.