Longchamp replica Le Pliage folding bag limit the daily necessities becomes fashion

Bless the design portfolio Desiree Heiss and Ines Kaag composed of the Le Pliage “folding” concept to the limit.

French brand Longchamp replica “Longchamp” in celebration to promote the French global fashion industry newcomers and for the purpose of ANDAM (Association Nationale pour le Développement des Arts de la Mode) 20th anniversary, special honor with the previous ANDAM Fashion Award Winner by the ANDAM chosen ─ ─Jeremy Scott, Charles Anastase and double design portfolio Bless cooperation, their unique avant-garde design ideas Ace Le Pliage® injection Longchamp folding bag, make Le Pliage® folded package consists of classic fashion trend of daily necessities transformed into a symbol!

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Le Pliage “folding” concept to maximize the utility. shopping on the way, the bag folded when stored inside handle, it will become circular leather handle, nothing further than it portable, can be used as decorative wrist; when the expansion is to have circular leather handle replica handbags, assorted go into the fall is not a problem, potbellied. Its morph process definitely lead a new wave of shopping season.

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Charles Anastase in Le Pliage limited edition canvas shopping replica handbags uk were painted on two other poetic pattern, and accompanied by a large brown buttons.

Bag filled with pointe shoes and skirts, all the way eloquent graceful dance. Or will install the private pet toys, gourmet take it together this season to travel it!

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Since 2006 been working with Longchamp replica designer Jeremy Scott, in this limited edition shopping bag design, humor dressed in kimono himself into the embodiment of “Nouveau Samurai” (New Generation warrior). Ridicule the East-West cultural integration, bright colors publicity also highlights the personality, to practical points.