Longchamp outlet small sheepskin folding bag customized version

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the legendary handbag LE PLIAGE® nylon folding bag series, Longchamp outlet uk “Longchamp” as a high-level leather goods brand with more than 65 years of exquisite French handmade and long-term professional leather experience, in April 2014 launched LE PLIAGE ® CUIR Lambskin folding bag personalized customized version.

Longchamp outlet

Why choose the LE PLIAGE® CUIR Lambskin Folding Bag series to launch a customized version of the service? It all comes from it in terms of appearance, material or production process, are the most able to represent a classic longchamp outlet handbags. The series inherited the LE PLIAGE ® folding bag iconic design contours, while the material on the traditional and innovative use of the unique Mei Tisi lambskin (Metis Leather), to meet the “folding” the soul of the design needs, Making leather handbags can be as thin as the general tough nylon, smooth and easy to carry, not to mention each season gorgeous new color one after another, and always maintain a positive momentum, so much fashion circles sought after and favor, the personalized custom service Launch immediately became a hot topic.

China LE PLIAGE® CUIR Lambskin folding bag customization service only in the designated four Longchamp “Longchamp” boutiques (Beijing Galeries Lafayette department store, Shanghai Hong Kong Hang Lung Plaza, Nanjing Deji Plaza and the Chengdu International Financial Center) Then you can go to the store, through a simple operation can be completed.

Customized steps are very simple: First, select the size of handbags – small, medium or large; then select the color of Baoshen, this season a total of eight colors to choose from: black, brown, orange, Rose pink, lemon yellow, camel, indigo and cinnabar red; then, respectively, for the cover and handle, zipper buttons at both ends of the buckle and strap to choose a different color, while lining the color is also available for you to choose. In the color selection is complete, you can also engraved on the package body your initials letters, there are two ways to punch or punch optional, is definitely the perfect combination of sophistication and the trend.

Longchamp outlet

After the order is completed about eight weeks, you will be able to receive your own small sheepskin folding bag, through your own design, this package is unique! You can also appreciate the fun involved in the creation, this is exclusive to your most luxurious experience!

How to Make Your Lambskin Folding Bag Unique

1. Select Package Type (Small, Medium, or Large)

2. Select the main color package body (8 colors for selection)

3. Select the bag cover / handle, the zipper at both ends of the buckle loop and shoulder strap color (three can choose different colors)

4. Select the lining color (5 colors for selection)

5. Complete. If you like, you can also punch holes in the replica handbags or imprint your initials letters